Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Stage 5 Word Problems

Sprint Track Recount

This morning I  went to school and we sneaky outside to play a game and  then  Mr Moran said us  to we or racing in the grass the grass is was  wet and the gars went first to run and the boys  went next. We went to the field to have a race it was fun the next race Tahliyah came first and Nina came next  and  it was cold and then the boys went to hare a race and then John came first and then we went to class.  

Friday, 20 October 2017

T4 Immersion Assembly Recount

this morning is First day for school i went to school and we went to the assembly Mr j and Mr burt and miss nua in we went to the assembly they is singing the song is name the musical madness and we see team 1 and they is singing  songs and team 5 is watch move and the move there is songs in the move and team 3 is singing songs and team 4 and they open songs and in they play and team 2 singing song about the king of the jungle it's and the assembly is  finished and we went to class.