Monday, 13 August 2018

Writing Doc: Movie Narrative

this morning i went to the see in i came to the see i sat down and then i eat my food in i eat my food then a big Villain came out of the see all the students run the Villain was run and come of the water and then the then a Superhero Came and the students said how is that and he save the all the students pay their was 1 boy the Villain take the boy hes is name Rae Jae was then the 1 student said to the Superhero what is your name and the Superhero said i'm batman he said the student said wow bat man.Now we need to go and save Rae Jae batman s took a big pirate ship, batman had and big ban man pirate ship then we went in the pirate ship and we followed the Villain then bat man jumped on they pirate ship and he went to help rae jae and a villain came in the back of bat man and bat man punched the villain and then throwed a bomb and the villain get killed and batman save rae jae and save the city. and that was the end of the villain.

narrative writing plan